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Best Free Plan

You get the best Free Plan values on the market with all page types available, unlimited draft pages and 5 published pages.


Drive conversions with our proven templates. We also have Funnels pages to help you to convert even easier.


No matter the way, you always get the ultimate result of beautiful landing pages that are exactly as what you imagined, either on your own or with our help.

Tapita templates


Ready-made templates to make your life easier

Quickly get started and finish your pages in minutes with our robust library of page and section templates

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Pre-made sections
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Pre-made elements
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Tapita is now empowered by OpenAI/ChatGPT

The ONLY page builder with 'Custom content by language' feature

This feature allows store owners to create different content based on different store languages.
This includes texts, images, videos, or any kind of sections inside a page built with Tapita.


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What users say about Tapita

Holy wow this app is so much fun to use--I'm redesigning my store which was on Big Commerce for 8 years, migrated over to Shopify. This app has taken my home page from just ok, a step above my Big Comm site to...amazing. I'm not a developer, so I can get in over my head pretty quickly. I find this app very easy to use and intuitive. When I come across something I don't understand, their tech support appears on chat right away and will send screen shots of what I need to do. Incredible customer support and the agents know what they're talking about. Can't say enough good things about Tapita!

Fit for a Pit United States

AMAZING APP! Dont need a web developer to make perfect pages in shopify now - we got so sick of shopify's bad looking text templates - finally our website looks exciting and visually engaging 5/5 star

Earth to Life Australia

My experience has been amazing! The new tree view management system has made designing beautiful website very simple

meliora-e315 Pakistan

The best customer support i have come across on any app ive used. Great features to use on the website, and the customer service go out of their way to help you out. 10/10, thank you so much

EXOSKLTN United Kingdom

An absolutely fantastic page builder - really intuitive with elements and features and their support is brilliant. Would highly recommend whether you are a beginner or experienced web designer!

Sixteen89 United Arab Emirates

I recently started using the Tapita app for building my Shopify store and I have to say, I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use. The drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add and arrange elements on my pages, and the pre-designed templates give me a great starting point for creating professional-looking pages.

MIRNAD SHOP United States

I absolutely love using Tapita! It was so easy to give my landing page a COMPLETE professional looking makeover! I have received so many compliments on my design. So easy to use and will be using to complete all editing and designs on my Boutique Website.

Michelles Boutique United States



$ 0 /month
  • All page types
  • Unlimited draft pages
  • 5 published pages (limit by page type)
  • 90+ page templates
  • 80+ element templates
  • Free image CDN
  • SEO
  • Live chat support
  • Optional Add-on: Unlimited blog pages ($25/m)


$ 9 /month
  • (or $86/year and save 20%)
  • Everything in FREE
  • 15 published pages
  • 3 saved elements
  • 10 autosave history
  • 5 Widgets
  • Translation
  • Import/Export Tapita's pages
  • No Tapita trademark
  • Optional Add-on: Unlimited blog pages ($25/m)


$ 29 /month
  • (or $278/year and save 20%)
  • Everything in STARTER
  • 55 published pages
  • Unlimited blog pages
  • 10 saved elements
  • 50 autosave history
  • Unlimited Widgets
  • Custom section/content by language
  • OpenAI/ChatGPT integration
  • Priority support


$ 59 /month
  • (or $566/year and save 20%)
  • Everything in STANDARD
  • Unlimited published pages
  • Unlimited saved elements
  • 100 autosave history
  • Unlimited Widgets
  • Dedicated Customer Success Agent
  • 5 Free Tapita custom pages built by our experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create an unlimited number of draft pages, even with the Free version.

We only limit the number of published pages.


Unfortunately we do not provide a trial period for the paid plans.


If you've published over the limit of the Free plan (5 pages) then after you cancel your paid plans, your published pages will be unpublished until there are 5 published pages left.


After you uninstall Tapita, your Tapita pages will be unaccessible on your store.

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