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Tapita helps you create high-conversion landing pages, blog pages, product pages and more for your Shopify store.

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Best Free Plan

You get the best Free Plan values on the market with all page types available, unlimited draft pages and 5 published pages.


Drive conversions with our proven templates. We also have Funnels pages to help you to convert even easier.


No matter the way, you always get the ultimate result of beautiful landing pages that are exactly as what you imagined, either on your own or with our help.

Tapita templates


Ready-made templates to make your life easier

Quickly get started and finish your pages in minutes with our robust library of page and block templates

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Custom code available for deeper customization

Developers and experienced users can use HTML/CSS/Javascript to customize the pages in any way that they want. The possibilities are endless!

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What users say about Tapita

I have been using tapita for several months. I am very satisfied with the app. It is a good addition to shopify. Many themes don't offer many options for editing a page. With Tapita, this is easy and quick to do. With a background in design but not in coding, this app is a very good tool to create web pages quickly!

Staal Instruments BV November 16, 2022

I used this app to create new pages for my website with better and easy designs. I love how easy the platform is. The support team has been amazing, and always available. Thank you Tapita October 28, 2022

Very easy to understand app builder. I tried 4-5 different app builders. This one is best. Lots of templates to choose from.

Dressline Fashion October 28, 2022

Really the best page builder for shopify, tapita support also really responsive, keep up the good work.

TruSense TV October 27, 2022

The application is very good, spend several minutes to understand it and how it works, and you will see that it is worth it. Important, it has SEO power and will be able to position some of your pages. Excellent development!

Tecniquero October 26, 2022

This tool saves me tons of time. Instead of writing html for a page like this one I simply drug and drop a few blocks and the page is ready! Highly recommend!

FinModelsLab October 17, 2022

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