Tapita Shopify Page Builder: Features Update July 2022

Hello our dear customers!

Our app Tapita Shopify Page Builder has some major updates this July and we want to share it with you. But first, we want to give all of you, our customers the biggest thank you. Thank you for supporting us and the hours that you have put into using Tapita and for all of the feedback that allows us to provide you with this update.

The main point of these updates is to focus on enhancing your building experience. Now let’s explore!

Build Interface

Realizing the current interface is not really beginner-friendly, we have added a more straight-forward interface for novice users. Now, when you first started building your pages with Tapita, the default interface you will use is the Beginner interface.

You can switch your preferred Build Interface by clicking the dropdown field on the header:

tapita build interface

The Expert interface is actually the old interface. You can switch to Expert if you are a bit more experienced with Tapita.

The Beginner Interface brings out only the most basic configuration and hide other advanced options. If you want to edit the advanced options, you can click “Edit Details” button at the bottom.

Beginner Interface

Another new awesome feature of Beginner Interface is the Tree View.

Tree View

The new Tree View basically lists the selected element along with all of its children, in a visual hierarchy manner.

When you hover over elements in the tree panel, it also highlights their position in the live view panel on the right.

To edit any element, just click on that element on the tree view to expand their settings and make your edit. It’s that simple!

Tree View

This helps you quickly visualize the structure of your page and sections, making your page building a lot easier.

Build Layout

One more thing you will notice is that the whole element’s property panel is now permanently moved to the left, on the same side with the elements panel. This brings everything into one place, making page building experience consistent and avoid having to look left and right repeatedly.

Tapita build layout

Google Fonts support

Tapita Page Builder now makes it a lot easier for you to import Google Fonts into your pages.

To add Google Fonts, go to Page Settings > Styles > Page Fonts. These are the fonts that you can use in your page.

Tapita Page Fonts

Here, you can add more font or delete existing fonts. Simply click Add more font and search for a Google Font that you like. Then, click the font name to add it into your page. When you’re done, don’t forget to click Save.

By default, the last font that you add will be the default font for the page. You can change it to another font if you want.

Dark Mode for Paragraph Editor

Last but not least, a useful update that is inspired by our users’ feedback is the Dark Mode for Paragraph Editor.

The problem that many of our users faced was that in some cases where they need the text to be white, mostly against a dark background, that text will also be white inside the Paragraph Editor, whose background is always white. This makes the text uneditable since it’s not visible in the text editor.

That’s it for July update!

Once again, thank you so much for all of the hard work that you guys have put in and for making Tapita the product it is today. Also for all of the positive feedback and review that you also put in our store. We read them all and replied to them all with gratitude. Please continue with the support and we will keep continuing with all of the new features that help you conquer any sort of page building.