How to configure Contact Form block

Tapita Page Builder allows you to build contact forms using the following options:

  • Using the Contact Us page templates
  • Using the Contact Form block
  • Build the form fields from scratch using the Forms elements

Either way, there are only 2 steps you need to do to get your form working!

Note: if you use the Contact Us page templates or the Contact Form block, then the forms already contains information in the steps below -> You only need to edit those information to fit your case.

Step 1: Insert a hidden field containing the form receiver information

In Tapita Page Builder, go to Add Element > Advanced – HTML > Custom HTML.

Drag the Custom HTML into your form. It’s important that you insert it inside the Form Group.

Replace the content inside the Custom HTML element by this content:

<input type="hidden" name="tapita_shop_name" value="My Store">
<input type="hidden" name="tapita_shop_email" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="tapita_redirect_url" value="">

Replace the value in the code block by your store information:

  • My Store: Your name or your store name
  • The receiver email
  • The URL that customer will be redirected to after submitting the form

The email that is sent to your chosen inbox will look like this

Subject: A new customer contact request


Hi My Store,
A new customer has submitted your Contact Us form.

{{Customer submitted information}}

Step 2: Enter the form submit destination

Select the Form Group element.

Change Method into POST.

Then copy this URL and paste it into the Form Submit Destination field:
form submit destination


You can click Preview button to test your form.

When you’re ready, click Publish to push it to live site.

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